Posted by: Nici | 9 September, 2007

Big School – Part 1

My son started seniors this week. He was up at 6.15am and by the time I was up at 7am, he had made his lunch, made me breakfast and a cup of tea (on a tray), got dressed, made his bed and had done his hair! He was just soooo excited! I however was feeling quite anxious as I remember my first day at seniors and also how mean older children can be to the “new ones”.

When my son walked out of the door to walk to school, I felt all sad but also oh so proud as he looked so smart and grownup in his school uniform.

When he walked back in that afternoon he was so happy! He had had a great day and loved his new school. Nobody had picked on him and he couldn’t wait to go back the next day! Phew!!



  1. Beth still has 3 years left at primary school, but I still remember her first day there. She’s always loved it, and I hope she’s as happy at Secondary school.

    Here’s to some good years ahead for him!

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