Posted by: Nici | 9 September, 2007

Stephen King – The Stand


I have been reading this book for about a month now as it is over 1,300 pages long!!!!

It is marking it’s 30 year anniversary next year and yet this book seems timeless. A fantastic read and I think the easiest of Stephen King’s books to get into.

I am really enjoying reading this book and although I am only about half way through, it is still holding my attention and will go down as one of my most favourite books ever!!!

Updated 1st October 2007:

Just to say i’m up to page 781 which in my version is towards the end of chapter 50. Only 544 pages left! Lol!

Updated 4th November 2007:

I finished The Stand last night and what a wonderful book it was. There were so many scenarios and emotions in this book and you often think “what would I do?” during the book.

I am glad I can say that I have read and enjoyed this book. : )



  1. I’ll be joining you in reading this one in a couple of weeks – it’s an old, all-time favourite of mine, which has been read about a dozen times over the last 15-or-so years.

    I agree though – it hasn’t dated and remains as fresh as the day it was written 30 years ago! 🙂

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