Posted by: Nici | 19 September, 2007

Big School – Part 2

My son came home last week with his lunchbox broken as some year 11’s pushed him over on the field and he fell on his lunchbox. : (

Then yesterday he came home saying that some of the year 8’s have been picking on him, giving him a “peanut” and pushing him in the back.

Why do some children have to be so mean to the new children? Luckily my son is taking it all in his stride but I have told him that if it gets any worse to tell me so I can tell the school.

It’s such a shame as apart from that he is really enjoying senior school and making lots of new friends! 

Updated 24th September 2007:

Well on Friday my son was pushed over and kicked in the head. The school rung and told me and when my son got home he had a couple of lumps and grazes. One of the injuiries was on his eyebrow so it was lucky that it wasn’t any lower or his eye would have been kicked. He was still taking paracetamol on Saturday morning for the pain. : (

Today however my son did not get bullied and the school have spoken to him about what is happening and they also rung me. I am keeping everything crossed that things continue to improve….

 Updated 30th September 2007:

Well my son has had no trouble at all this week so hopefully it has all blown over. I think the school have said something in the assemblies to the children.



  1. That really is a shame. At least he’s telling you, and you can deal with it if it gets too bad.

  2. Yes that’s what I thought, if it gets any worse I will have a word with his Head of Year

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