Posted by: Nici | 11 January, 2008

I’m honoured!


Well first I have to say a BIG THANKYOU to Kell and Sarah for awarding me with this prize! I’m not sure why as there are far better blogs out there than mine, but thanks guys!

I would pass it on, but Sarah and Kell have already done so to the people I know who have blogs lol! So all of those, well done as well! : )

As I have received this award, I am supposed to list 7 weird or random things about myself. Hmmm this could be tricky!

1. I believe in Angels. I truly believe that I have a guardian angel who looks after me.

2. I have a resident ghost in my house. I think it is the previous owner. He likes to turn my tv’s on and off and take my sky card out of the box and put it back in the wrong way…I also get whiffs of perfume/aftershave quite a lot.

3.  I have got white knees as they never tan even though the rest of my legs are brown. lol.

4. I have a cuddly pink and white dog which you heat up in the microwave and I cuddle it every night. She is called Lucy.

5. I am a Daddy’s girl.

6. I am addicted to bread. I cannot go a day without eating it or else I get withdrawal symptons and start craving it.

7. I gave up smoking over a year ago! : D


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