Posted by: Nici | 19 February, 2008


My son arrived home from school yesterday in a panic telling me “Mum, we have to go back to the school, iv’e left my coat there and it’s got my mobile phone in it” and there I was all cosy having a cup of tea after not long being in from work and watching a really good programme on tv.

So in the car we get and off to school we go. I stayed in the car whilst my son was looking as the school is huge and it was really cold! 25 minutes later my son comes back empty handed looking all upset as he couldn’t find it.

We came home and as my son was unpacking his school bag and what should be scrunched up at the bottom but his coat and his mobile phone…..


Oh and not forgetting that he was covered in mud as well so the blazer had to go straight in the washing machine and he had muddy trousers as well so when he knelt down to stroke the cat there was mud all over the carpet!



  1. Uh oh! I feel your pain!

  2. Hahaha. I’m sorry for laughing, but all these just reinforce my decision never to have kids. Maybe I should start emailing these stories to BF…

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