Posted by: Nici | 20 February, 2008

Insect bites

Last night by leg started itching so I rolled up my trouser leg and I have got 14 – yes 14! insect bites on my leg.

I have to be careful with bites as I get allergic reactions to them and certainly the bites are looking really quite big…

What on earth is alive and biting at this time of year? Any ideas anyone? They are too big to be flea bites and I checked my cat and she is clear.

I am constantly scratching my leg!



  1. As I said to you, many animals have been fooled by our odd weather.. maybe the insects are around earlier?

    And.. you’ve been tagged, details on my blog.

  2. Yep I think your right. *sigh*

    Thanks for tagging me!

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