Posted by: Nici | 22 February, 2008

I hate my internet provider!

Well if it wasn’t bad enough that Vista is playing me up but now internet provider is as well….
Yesterday I tried to get onto my favourite website and kept getting the message page cannot be displayed. After playing around with my laptop myself and talking to my friends I decided to speak to my Internet provider. I was told last night to do a number of things to my laptop and then shut down. Of course with the problems I am having with Vista it wasn’t until this morning that I could access my laptop again.
But when I went to go online this morning I had no wireless connection so I rung up my Internet provider who told me to do a number of things which got my wireless connection back. I got told that it was my computer that was stopping me accessing my favourite website.
Not long after finishing my phone call with my Internet provider my internet dropped out completely so I decided to re-install my router. After following the instructions correctly, the router would not install properly. I rung up my Internet provider again who talked me through getting my internet up and running again and luckily I am wireless again! However this operator told me that they were having problems with their server and that’s why I cannot access my favourite website. I have been told it should be fixed in four days. : (
What I want to know is why is took three people to finally tell me what was wrong?
I wasted my whole morning today trying to sort this out – I got up at 7am and starting trying to fix my laptop at 7.15am, I finally got dressed at 12.00 midday. What a waste, and still no favourite website…….
Sorry to my BCF friends, hopefully I will see you next week.


  1. I wondered where you’ve been… I see you’re back at the moment.

    And I like the new look. More calming and (dare I say?) grown-up. Very nice indeed!

  2. Did you miss me? ; )

    Thanks, I think it is very calming as well!

  3. Like wedges when walking on grass, Dahlin’!

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