Posted by: Nici | 2 March, 2008

Prince Harry

“The news that Prince Harry was serving with the British Army in Afghanistan leaked out much earlier than its intended publication date. The story was broken by an American website, The Drudge Report.” *

“Prince Harry returned to the UK on Saturday after a news leak cut short his front-line deployment. He was 10 weeks into a tour on the front line in Helmand Province.” *

“The leak led to fears he would be targeted by the Taleban and he was returned to the UK after 10 weeks.” *

“For once in his life Harry was able to get on with a job he obviously loves…away from prying eyes – Well the foreign press stuffed that one up.” *

“The head of the editorial team at The Drudge Report should be extradited to face questioning in a UK court. For once the UK media did the right thing and upheld the blackout request, so what was TDR’s excuse?
This is totally unacceptable behaviour by TDR, and they may well find themselves responsible for the deaths of British soldiers serving alongside the Prince. If so, I hope they face legal action brought by the families of the deceased.” *

* Quoted from the BBC Website
* Quoted from the BBC ‘Have your Say’ website

This story has made me really really mad. There was a media blackout so that Prince Harry could serve in the army without putting himself and the people he served with in unneccesary danger. It also gave Harry the opportunity to “be himself” without the media hounding him.
It isn’t just Prince Harry’s life that was put in danger but also the many many people he served with.
Then some idiot decides to break the news blackout and tell the world about it. What was the point? What has he gained? Certainly not popularity. I cannot write on here the full extent of how annoyed I am with this story.



  1. But… You cannot dictate the media what to write! That’s just one tiny step away from censorship. You cannot violate the freedom of speech.

    That being said, I do feel for Harry. It’s not his fault he was born into that family. But that’s a fact of life, and he has to learn how to roll with the punches. Not all of us are able to do whatever we please. so he cannot serve in the front line in military? He’d also make a lousy secret agent, no doubt. But then again, so would many other. What about the guy who wants to be a fireman but just cannot because of physical condition? It’s the same thing: realities of life you just have to deal with.

    I do feel bad for Harry, for him to feel like he’s found his place and then being unable to do what he likes to do for a living, but really, in what point did that come as a surprise to anyone?

    One might as well claim the Taleban should stop fighting the British forces alltogether because of him, if we’re going to be going around asking for special treatment.

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