Posted by: Nici | 18 March, 2008

Slash – my review


I don’t normally write reviews but this book has had such an effect on me that I wanted to share my thoughts on it.

The first 100 pages are about Slash’s childhood, his upbringing and his family life which ultimately influenced his decision to become a musician but also contributed to his drug taking.

I found the first 100 pages a bit hard going, not because I didn’t enjoy them but because I wanted to get to the Guns n’ Roses days.

The next 200 pages or so are about Slash’s continuing battle with heroin addiction during Guns n’ Roses early days. There are some particularly harrowing moments including one incident where Slash was hallucinating and was running through a hotel complex naked as he thought demons were chasing him. After several failed attempts Slash finally beat his heroin addiction but unfortunately replaced it with alcohol.

It was lovely to read about how he and Perla met and their children.

Since reading this book I have found myself listening to all of the Guns n’ Roses albums again, watching their videos, looking at the CD covers and finding pictures of Slash as I now know what was going on in their lives at the time that they were recorded/taken.

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this book even though at times it was quite dark.




  1. Yes, i had read this book and I am again become a fan of GnR… LUV you Slash…!!

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