Posted by: Nici | 19 March, 2008

Bye Bye AOL!

Well after AOL’s servers crashing last night and only just started working properly now, I have taken the plunge and ordered Sky broadand instead. I am throughly fed up with having no broadband and when it does work, I can’t get onto numerous websites unless I go through a proxy server. I have spoken to AOL on several occasions regarding this but they haven’t done anything.
I had ordered my MAC Code from AOL a couple of weeks ago when they first starting mucking up my broadband and I am glad I did.
Fingers crossed Sky goes nice and smoothly!


  1. I have fingers firmly crossed that it goes smoothly – you certainly don’t need any more stress in your life! {hugs}

  2. Thanks Michelle!

    My internet got knocked out again for an hour and a half after I wrote that…Very frustrating!

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