Posted by: Nici | 6 April, 2008

Strange weather…..

On Friday it was so warm that I cut the grass, planted some plants and sat in the garden in a t-shirt reading my book. I even caught a little bit of sun to my pale winter skin.

I also sorted out my wardrobe, stored all my winter clothes away and hung up all my pretty skirts and tops all ready for the spring and summer. The heating was turned off and all the windows were flung open.

I thought spring had finally arrived!

BUT today (Sunday) I woke up to a few centemetres of snow and a near blizzard outside! Needless to say I wasn’t impressed at all!!! I love snow at the right time of year but how can the weather change that much in just a couple of days?

My son had a whale of a time outside with his friends, me, however stayed by the radiator with a cup of tea….

To make matters worse the forecast shows more snow for tomorrow and Tuesday. HMPH!



  1. And you were the one who wanted snow! hehe It’s amazing, isn’t it.. once we see that sun, we WANT it!

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