Posted by: Nici | 10 April, 2008

My 10 days off work…

Last Thursday was my last day at work for 10 days and I was so pleased when I left work. I had images of spending lots of time relaxing, reading and making the most of my time off as I now don’t have a holiday until the end of August. Bah no chance!

Friday My son was on school holidays so no gym or any of my normal activities on my day off. Instead I spent the day at home doing the housework, washing and doing the gardening.

Saturday Again no rest for the wicked, spent the day doing lots of clothes washing.

Sunday My mum and dad’s computer broke so I spent 5 hours at their appartment trying unsuccesfully to fix it.

Monday Had a few jobs to do at home including the ironing and then once again went back round to mum and dad’s to try to fix the computer. Once again unsuccesfully.

Tuesday Went to the gym first thing, did a little shopping and then spent the next 6 hours at mum and dad’s waiting for the BT engineer to come and fix their computer, yet again unsuccesfully.

Wednesday Went food shopping. Yawn.

Thursday Tried to have a well deserved lay in only to be woken by children playing outside. That will teach me to have the window open.

Friday Now this will be a nice day, i’m off round to a friends and then dad is popping in that evening with lots of cheese and fresh bread after his day trip to France. And then my sister and her boyfriend will be spending the evening at mine eating the cheese and bread LOL!

Saturday and Sunday Housework and washing and ironing. Hmmmm.

Monday Back to work. Oh well…..




  1. Aww that was a shame spent ages trying to ge the computer working and no luck.

    Sounds like you have a lovely time off.

  2. Hello Nici

    I see you had a lovely restful holiday ……lol you’ll be glad to get back to work. I love your blog keep up the good wotk.


  3. LOL Isn’t that just the way!? On my first ‘day of rest’ I had a migraine to deal with! Of course Friday will be a good day! {grin}

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