Posted by: Nici | 15 April, 2008

Surprise in my dustbin….

Today is bin day and that is my son’s job so out he went this morning with the black bags from the dustbin. He keeps forgetting to get the bag right at the bottom so this morning I told him he really had too. He complained that it had lot’s of holes in it and had to put it in another bag.

When I got home from work I found a field mouse on my back door step where my cat had caught and killed it, I disposed of it and thought nothing more.

Later on I realised that my cat had set up camp watching the dustbin, she had been sitting there for around 3 hours when I decided I would go and see what the big deal was. I pulled out the bin, looked under it and found nothing. I then opened the bin and what was sitting there but a field mouse. I quickly shut the lid and ushered the cat indoors. I got the mouse out and set it free however he kept coming back in my garden and he was really shaking and looked like he had something wrong with his leg.

So I got a little tub and put some bird seed in it, put the mouse in there and covered him with tissue paper. He didn’t even try to escape. He was still shaking so I put him in the shed so the other cat’s close by couldn’t get him.

I really hope he is ok and won’t be there in the morning but I have a horrible feeling that he was injured and may die in the night. 😦

They must have made a nest in the old bin bag at the bottom of my dustin when the bin was full and lid was open. I will make sure that the lid is firmly shut in future!




  1. AWW! That’s the sort of thing I’d do, trying to take care of it. Did he survive the night?

  2. Awww! Poor wee mouse.

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