Posted by: Nici | 16 April, 2008

Surprise in my dustbin…. Update

My son went out to the shed this morning to check on the mouse and unfortunately he had died.

My son came in crying his heart out, he went to school with big puffy red eyes. 😦

So sad, poor little thing…..(the mouse and my son!)



  1. That’s sad! But at least you tried.

  2. It was probably the shock that killed him. It’s still a shame though.

  3. That’s what I was thinking as well Karen, either that or it had eaten something in the bin bag which was toxic as there was another dead mouse in the bin as well when I found the live one…

  4. Poor little critter. 😦

  5. Oh, Nici, that’s so sad! I hope that Robbie feels better later on.

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