Posted by: Nici | 19 April, 2008

Ken Follett – The Pillars of the Earth

Synopsis from Amazon:

“The Pillars of the Earth” tells the story of Philip, prior of Kingsbridge, a devout and resourceful monk driven to build the greatest Gothic cathedral the world has known; of Tom, the mason who becomes his architect – a man divided in his soul; of the beautiful, elusive Lady Aliena, haunted by a secret shame; and of a struggle between good and evil that will turn church against state, and brother against brother. A spellbinding epic tale of ambition, anarchy, and absolute power set against the sprawling medieval canvas of twelfth-century England, this is Ken Follett’s historical masterpiece.

My thoughts:

What a wonderful book!

Set in the twelfth century, Ken Follett tells what it would have been like to live in this time. The poverty, the living accomodations, the fighting were all told in great detail.

The characters were brilliantly written and the book flowed from one character to another very well. Some of the characters you couldn’t help but love but some, including one in particular was pure evil and another was very cunning in the worse possible ways.

Even though this book was a mammouth 1,075 pages long, I was still turning the pages as if it had only just begun. Ken Follett keeps your attention right to the last page and to be honest I didn’t want this book to end. I am going to miss it!



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