Posted by: Nici | 20 April, 2008

New me – Week One

I have lost 3 and half Ibs!

I have strictly stuck to 1400 Kcals a day without any real problems. I have been eating a lot more veg and salad which of course hardly has any calories at all in them so I have then been able to eat something slightly less healthy with them like fishfingers! I have been keeping a food diary so I can keep an eye on my calorie consumption and this has really helped, although a few of my friends have laughed at me when I got my pad out of my bag and wrote the calories a cup of tea has down!

I didn’t manage the walking five times like planned, I only went twice purely because the weather has been so rotten but I did go to the gym twice.

I am really pleased with my progress this week and hopefully next week will be just as good!




  1. Well done you!

    I could do with losing a few pounds myself but I have no will-power! I can usually go a few days but then all someone has to do is show me a bit of chocolate and I’m a gonner! I just can’t resist all those things that are bad for me.

  2. Yay!! I’m proud of you, Nici!

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