Posted by: Nici | 21 April, 2008

Didn’t go for a walk……

I broke one of my most important dieting rules today, it was beautiful sunshine outside and I didn’t go for my walk….. Bad Nici I hear you all cry….BUT……I did something far more exciting…..

I got a new phone! A nice shiny Nokia N95! 🙂 I had a pay as you go phone and was getting fed up with running out of credit and not being able to access my voicemail and also having no credit for an emergency so I decided to go back on contract.

It does everything you can imagine! I can access my googlemail very easily, I can chat on MSN Messenger and Skype and even visit my favourite websites.

It’s the most beautiful phone EVER!



  1. How much is your contract per month?

  2. £26.50 on 3. The tariff is £15, but I am paying an extra £9 a month for this phone but that also includes 90 video minutes I think. The tariff includes 300 mins/text which you can decide how you want to use them. I am also paying an extra £2.50 a month for 10mb of internet (it’s £5 a month for 1GB but I don’t need that much) which you can take off or put on whenever you like. You get free voicemail and 300 free 3 to 3 minutes as well. Unfortunatelty I don’t know anyone who is on 3!

    I think this is great value as you can easily put that much on a month on credit.

    I love this phone! 🙂

  3. As much as I’d love a phone like that, I generally only use £10 credit every few months!

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