Posted by: Nici | 26 April, 2008

Am I getting old?


The gym I attend provides you with a free copy of the Daily Mail so recently I have been reading it. Now normally the Sun would be my newspaper of choice but now I am quite enjoying the Daily Mail.

Does this mean I am getting old and turning into my parents?

I am finding the Daily Mail particually interesting as I agree with all they are writing about the state of this country. What with the cost of food and petrol ever increasing and the state of our prisons. However that is a whole different topic all together!

So at the tender age of 32 should I be enjoying the Daily Mail so much that I would prefer it to the Sun?




  1. Erm.. The Sun is hardly known for it’s in-depth journalism, is it?I’m afraid i wouldn’t take it seriously at all, whatever my age!

    And, you have 3 years on me.. so no, of course you’re not old.. cause then I would be too! LOL

  2. That is exactly my point though! I always enjoyed the lighter side the Sun and now i’m enjoying reading ‘proper’ news in the Daily Mail!

  3. You traiter!! It will always be The Sun for me!

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