Posted by: Nici | 7 May, 2008

New products


I have found four new products in the past week and I wonder how I managed without them!

First, my skincare. I popped into the Body Shop and decided to give their Vitamin E skincare range a go as I felt that my skin needed a little boost. I decided to use their Illuminating cream and also their night cream. Both of which I really really like and can see the difference already. My skin is clearer and healthier looking and my mum even said how ‘fresh’ I was looking!

Whilst in the Body Shop I decided to get one of their Tea Tree Oil Blemish Stick for those pesky outbreaks. I have used this on a spot and it has virtually disappeared and without over drying it as well so you can still cover it with make up easily.  

The other wonder product I have discovered is from Holland and Barrett. I wanted to get something to help my weight loss a little but something that wasn’t too ‘artifical’. After speaking to a very nice lady who works there I decided on their Super Green Tea Diet Pills.  I have always been a little weary about diet pills so I spent a lot of time googling these and believe it or not, I couldn’t find anything bad about them at all!

Basically I have to take a pill mid morning and a pill mid afternoon and this is enough to help curb my appetite (not too much but enough to stop the snacking!) and also increase my metabolism. And I have to say I am really pleased with the results! I have a lot more energy so instead of just sitting in my armchair I am finding things to do and therefore being more active. I have also found it easier to resist the snacking so all in all I am happy! There is one down side though, I can’t stop talking for about two hours after taking them! And believe me I can talk for England at the best of times LOL! My poor Dad is the one who has copted it the most as he was at mine all weekend and I work with him – poor man! Ha ha!



  1. I’m sure I have those Vit E ones upstairs to try.. but I also picked up a Boots Time Delay one yesterday.. now I don’t know which to try! LOL The blemish stick sounds good too.

  2. I am SO getting that Illuminating Cream! I’m getting it tomorrow, and I’ll let you know what I think. 🙂

  3. I finally picked up the Vitamin E Illuminating Cream, and I love it! You are totally right about it, and my skin feels and looks amazing! 🙂

  4. Sarah that is great! I am so glad you like it!

    I am planning on getting the eye cream on pay day. 🙂

  5. i’m doing the pills as well, and exercising, but i want to fnd more ways of losing the weight. i’m 145lbs (around 66 kilos) and want to get down to around 120 lbs. how much did and do you weigh after exercising and pills?

  6. Hi Lily, I lost about a stone (in about 2 months) and have started taking them again as I would like to lose another stone and then I will be happy!

    I weigh a little more than you (roughtly 150Ibs) and would like to get down to about 133Ilbs – 140Ibs ish. With my height if I get any smaller than that I look really skinny and unhealthy!

    Good luck!

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