Posted by: Nici | 22 May, 2008

The Memory Keepers Daughter – Kim Edwards – My review

It should have been an ordinary birth, the start of an ordinary happy family. But the night Dr David Henry delivers his wife’s twins is a night that will haunt five lives forever.

For though David’s son is a healthy boy, his daughter has Downs Syndrome. And, in a shocking act of betrayal whose consequences only time will reveal, he tells his wife their daughter died while secretly entrusting her care to a nurse.

As grief quietly tears apart Davd’s family, so a little girl must make her own way in the world the best she can.

My thoughts:

I have had to give this review a lot of thought as this book deserves the very best. This is a very moving story which is I think tragic yet not depressing. Phoebe, the daughter is such a beautiful character who I found inspiring and was written in such a way that the innocence of Downs Syndrome was made very believable in this book.

Each of the characters had their own traits both good and bad and you couldn’t help but feel sorrow for the unfairness of their lives. I was pulled in from page one and would highly recommend this book and give it a 10/10.


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