Posted by: Nici | 23 June, 2008

Me, the little housewife!?

Well I don’t know what was wrong with me this weekend but when I told my mum what I have been doing she said she would have to sit down!

On Friday I took up some curtains (yes I actually sewed) which I have been putting off for AGES and spent two hours cleaning the kitchen (which is tiny) from tiles, to wood work to the floor, I cleaned everything. On Saturday I carried on with the cleaning as well as the normal washing etc which needed to be done and on Sunday I made jam – yes jam! It was the first time I have made it and it has turned out perfect, a bit too tasty to be honest!

I have also found this weekend that I just can’t sit still, I have been jumping up and down doing stuff for the past three days! I have also been in the garden with my bird book and binoculars watching a particular bird that has been making a lot of noise trying to figure out what it is…

Cor I sound a lot older than my 32 years! LOL!




  1. So have you figured out what bird it is yet?? x

  2. Yep, you sound all grown up! lol

  3. I think the bird is a Chaffinch 🙂 xx

    Karen – I was looking at slippers today as well…… LOL!

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