Posted by: Nici | 25 November, 2008

Reward yourself

One of the very best ways to stay motivated while organising is to specify rewards you’ll enjoy when you’re done with each project. Here are 25 rewards you can reap for your organizing efforts.

1. Take a long leisurely bubble bath, along with some wonderful music while you’re soaking.

2. Go to the library and get a book you have wanted to read. Then, take and hour in your day to read it– interruption-free.

3. Plan a social date with a favourite friend at home or at a local coffee shop to catch up on each other’s lives.

4. Sell some of the items you don’t use any more and then use the money for something you CAN use.

5. Go out with your family on a picnic dinner when the house is in great shape and the laundry is all caught up.

6. Listen to a favourite CD or watch a favourite DVD.

7. Purchase some theatre tickets to a movie you’ve wanted to see.

8. Take a class you’ve wanted to do or work on a favourite hobby guilt-free all afternoon!

9. Get a manicure or pedicure.

10. Purchase a bouquet of flowers for the house.

11. Pat yourself on the back for doing such a good job and share your accomplishments with a good friend.

12. Make up an accomplishment sheet for each month. Include goals you’ve met that month. Put these sheets into a special binder to enjoy when you feel like you aren’t getting a lot done.

13. Go to the salon and get a new style.

14. Take a walk around the neighbourhood.

15. Take a nap.

16. Try a new eye shadow or lipstick or cologne.

17. Get a new pair of earrings or a new tool.

18. Pick up a good dessert for dinner.

19. Relax in a lounge chair on your deck or patio with a cool drink.

20. Investigate a new shopping area in a local nearby town so you are close to home, but still feel like you are on vacation.

21. Call or write a special friend.

22. Go out for lunch with friends and try a new restaurant.

23. Take photographs of your area. Enter them in a contest or send them to local newspaper. They may get published.

24. Allow yourself uninterrupted time with your family to play Frisbee in the park.

25. Last but not least, be good to yourself. If you feel good, that feeling may latch on to other people you come in contact with. Give them a nice smile and greeting to make their day–and yours too!


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