Posted by: Nici | 9 December, 2008

End of Year Organizing — 8 Quick Ideas

Now that the end of the year is upon you, why not spend the last few days of 2008 getting some areas of your life in order? Work on these a little each day, and you’ll be able to start the year fresh in 2009.

1. A task a day. Count how many days are left in the year. Then, grab a sheet of paper and list tasks you’ve been meaning to do–one for each day remaining in 2008. Do a task a day, until they’re all completed.

2. Start a new calendar. Get yourself a new calendar and fill in any special dates or events you already know about. Go a step further by highlighting similar dates in the same color, such as all birthdays in green, all meetings in blue and all medical appointments in yellow.

3. Catch up on your laundry. Do two loads each day if necessary until there’s nothing left to do.

4. Make a donation drop. Grab a large plastic bag and inventory your closets, cupboards and drawers for anything you no longer need, but is in good condition. Drop these items in the bag and drive them over to your favorite charitable organization. (If you have kids, donate toys they no longer play with. This is always good practice right before Christmas before the new toys arrive from Santa.)

5. Weed out your filing cabinet. Go through each file folder one by one and get rid of anything outdated or no longer useful. Even if you spend just 15 minutes each day until the end of this year doing this, your filing cabinet will have gained some extra space.

6. Empty your email inbox. Seriously. Even if you still have messages in your inbox from 2006, make it a point to delete every single one you don’t need, and to act on whatever is left over.

7. Stop buying. Rather than buying more food for your pantry, more supplies for your hobby, more clothes for your closet, etc., work with what you already have in the new year. Keep it simple, and you’re less likely to end up with tons of clutter.

8. Organize your goals. What do you want to accomplish in 2009? Write down your top 10 goals, and then prioritize them so that your most important goal is at the very top of your list, and the least important of those 10 is at the bottom. Once January 1st rolls around, begin working on goal number one. Once that goal is met, begin working on goal number two, and so on until you’ve reached all (or most) of your goals for the year.



  1. To add to #8: Break each goal down into small tasks and pencil them in to your calendar to ensure completion by your preferred due date.

  2. Thanks for the tip!

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