Posted by: Nici | 15 January, 2009

6 months already

I chose the picture for Wordless Wednesday yesterday in memory of mum. Six months ago today she passed away.

I can’t believe it has been six months already. I miss her dreadfully and my grief has changed now from shock to tears and anger.

I can cry at the slightest mention of mum and I am also feeling angry at the world for taking my mum away from me. I feel cheated.

So here’s to you mum, gone but not forgotten.



  1. That’s all part of the grieving process, hon – it will take time. Sending you love and hugs.

  2. You don’t ever forget, but it does get easier to deal with. Until then, you have us to lean on x

  3. What you are going through is all to familiar. Time is a healer though and just remember forever in your heart she will stay. She will sneek up on you at unexpected times but some things I promise you will make you smile when you think of her and not always the tears.

  4. Thanks guys, you are all so sweet xxx

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