Posted by: Nici | 2 February, 2009

Snow and lot’s of it!

South-east England has been hit by the heaviest snow for 18 years, causing most London buses to be cancelled and the closure of Heathrow’s runways.


Parts of London could see a foot (30cm) of snow by Monday evening, while the Pennines and other parts of the north could see as much as 20 inches (50cm).

The Met Office has issued an extreme weather warning for England, Wales and parts of eastern Scotland.


He said some parts of London have already seen up to eight inches (20 cm) of snow.


In the late afternoon, more heavy snow is forecast to hit the eastern part of England, including East Anglia, London and the Home Counties, accompanied by strong winds.


Monday evening will see the snow falling briefly to sleet in East Anglia and the south-east of England, before it freezes.


Parts of the Midlands, East and South will experience temperatures between -4C and -7C on Monday night.


The weather will turn icy by the Tuesday morning, making road travel treacherous. Later in the day, temperatures are expected to hit 4C, although minor snow showers are still likely.


Thousands of school children across England and Wales woke up to the news that their school was closed for the day.


Hospitals in London have put out an emergency call to staff to come into work because of an increase in 999 calls.


Several London theatres have cancelled their performances, and many offices are sending staff home early because of the weather.


All flights at Heathrow Airport near London have been cancelled until 1700 GMT and customers whose flights have been cancelled are being advised not to come to the airport.


Taken from the BBC website.


Well I can’t remember the last time I have seen this much snow in this country! Certainly my son has never seen this sort of snow!


Here are a couple of photo’s I have taken today: 🙂





And it’s still snowing out there now! I reckon there is about a foot of snow on the ground!



  1. I lived in Suffolk county for a few years, and always wanted to have this weather before I come back to India! But I was not that fortunate I guess!
    Oh,My God! your son must be excited. My daughter would had enjoyed it if we were there. I showed your post to her and she (like always)wants to go to England (she miss her friends a lot!).

  2. My son is 13 and spent the whole day outside with his friends having snowball fights, making snow angels and making a snow fort – looks like his school will be closed tomorrow as well so he will be out there again if I get the day off work again!

  3. Great pics Nici!!

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