Posted by: Nici | 20 February, 2009

A bit of history


For hundreds of years we’ve been giving our homes a good blitz in spring time, but did you know…

Ancient Celts would busy themselves for weeks with cleansing rituals in honour of their goods.

Persians scrupulously clean everythng in their home in time for the first day of spring, and have been doing so since the dawn of civilisation.

Traditionally, the Chinese believed that bad spirits got all too cosy in mess and dust and saw the coming of spring as a sign to cleanse their homes of both demons and dirt.

Ancient Jewish rituals required thorough cleaning and tidying of homes prior to the Passover feast in spring.

Taken from Lakeland



  1. And Indians do the same too…on the festival of Holi that comes in Spring and like Persians we do it after autumn, on the festival of Diwali.

  2. For some reason, knowing the history behind our universal habit of “spring cleaning” makes me happy. I might even clean! 🙂

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