Posted by: Nici | 8 March, 2009

Using Your Computer to Be More Organised


What do you do on your home computer? You may use it mainly for word processing, Internet surfing and game playing. However, your computer can be an essential role in helping you become more organised. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. The age of digital cameras has given us the ability to store photographs online instead of taking up space in boxes and photo albums. You will also save money by not printing out all of your photos. There are numerous options to store your photos, whether you utilize a program that is already installed on your computer or the program that came with your digital camera. In addition, there are downloadable options available online. Don’t forget to back up your files. There are a number of affordable back-up options available to keep all your important files and photographs saved if anything should happen to your computer.

2. Consider putting away your paper calendar. Organizing your schedule and events using an online calendar can help you maintain a very organised system and give you the ability to share it with others. Online calendars can give you such options as alerting you to upcoming events by text messaging or e-mailing reminders to your mobile phone and including all the holidays so you don’t have to enter them.

3. Paying your bills online will save you time and money (no postage). Most financial institutions now have safe and secure online payment programs. You can easily set up an account and have payments taken out automatically every month or you can set the amounts each month. There are numerous options available to make the process fast and efficient.

4. Organise your holiday gift list. An easy way to accomplish this is by creating a spreadsheet on your computer. List all the people you want to purchase gifts for in one column. Make another column for recording the maximum amount you are prepared to spend. You can then calculate the total to determine your holiday spending amount. This will help you stick to your budget.

5. Storing contact information on your computer will keep your office neater and is one step closer to the paperless office. Searching on the computer is more efficient than rummaging through a file of paper cards. In seconds, you can run a sort and locate contacts by company, name, etc. Storing information electronically is also effective for building mailing lists and printing labels. There are numerous programs on the market to organize contact information, such as Act, Outlook or Access. You can even store in a simple spreadsheet in Excel.

6. There is an abundance of printable lists online to help you get organized in a number of different ways. You can keep your weekly shopping and grocery lists online, as well as to do lists, just to name a couple.

7. If you have a scanner, it can be used to scan in all of your paper documents so they can then be stored online. This will eliminate much of your paper clutter. This can be a great way to organise all of your recipes too. You can then sort them into various categories online for easy retrieval.

8. Using your computer’s word processing program or a spreadsheet, create a home inventory list. Go through your home and put all of your valuable possessions on your inventory list. Be sure to include important information like serial numbers and warranty information. As you purchase new items, you can add them to your inventory list, and vice versa, if you get rid of items, you can delete them from the list. Don’t forget to make a back up of your list and make sure your insurance agent has a copy. Also make sure a copy is kept in your safe deposit box.

9. Create valuable checklists. If you travel frequently, create a checklist containing all the steps you need to take to get organised for traveling, including what to pack. If you need to plan an event, create a checklist of all the tasks that need to be done. Create a household maintenance checklist of things to do around the house each season. Developing checklists and keeping them on your computer can go a long way in reducing stress. Having a list will also make it easier to delegate tasks to other people in your household.

10. Use your computer to find the best organisational products for you and to get ideas for getting more organised. Visit this website regularly as it is a great way to find information on getting organised in all areas of your life. The Easy Organiser, available from Get Organized Now!, has pre-made inventory forms, grocery lists, cleaning checklists and more to make your life easier. Visit: for more information.

11. You can use your computer to create custom made or personalised labels for a number of different purposes. The most common is to set up address labels or pre- addressed envelopes on your computer. This eliminates having to write them out. In addition, creating address labels for holiday cards is an excellent timesaver when it comes to addressing a number of cards each year.


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