Posted by: Nici | 18 March, 2009



Somehow over the past week or so I have become hopelessly addicted to Twitter.

I am already on Facebook and my favourite part of that is the status updates, seeing what everyone is getting up to.

Well Twitter is just that – status updates, bliss!

You can reply to them just like on Facebook and I have a programme installed on my phone so I get them sent direct to it – fab!

I am following some interesting celebs such as Phillip Schofield @schofe, Mathew Horne @mfhorne, Chris Moyles @CHRISDJMOYLES, Rob Brydon @RealRobBrydon and Jonathan Ross @wossy. Their updates are great especially Phillip Schofield’s – what a legend! Currently I only have a couple of friends on Twitter so I would love some people I know in ‘real life’ to join up!

Phillip Schofield has written an excellent guide about Twitter with some interesting information *here*. It’s well worth a look.

If you would like to follow me, or just see what it is all about click on the Twitter link at the side of my page above the New Kids blinkie.

Happy Twittering! 🙂



  1. People sometimes respond to me on facebook, but there was nothing on Twitter, so I soon got bored. 😦

  2. Nice to see you back on Twitter Michelle! 🙂

    Princessponti is on there too!

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