Posted by: Nici | 28 June, 2009

Beautiful Books

The lovely people over at Beautful Books have given me the opportunity to review their books.

I picked three which are as follows:

Kicked Out ~ Richard W Hardwick

Sixteen-year-old Danny is kicked out by his parents and has nowhere to go but a shelter for homeless teenagers. There he finds a friend in the more experienced Goochy, who helps him find his feet. But the other residents are every bit as troubled and complex as Danny, and with drugs, alcohol, crime, sex and violence always on the cards, the house is soon simmering like a pressure cooker about to blow. In this turbulent environment, between binges and wild escapades, Danny begins to reflect and grow. But a discovery about his family places him under a pressure he cannot contain…

Kicked Out draws on the author’s experiences of working with young homeless and young offenders and is essential reading for anyone hoping to understand today’s unwanted youth. Hard-hitting and unsentimental without being bleak, gripping, at times hilarious – you will never look at kids on the street in the same way again.

Looking for Leticia ~ Alan Johns

The fiction debut from Soho Theatre-schooled writer Alan Johns. A wonderful rite of passage for protagonist Sam, from a dull English office to the dangerous sex trafficking gangs of South America. Full of shocking, hilarious sexual and criminal encounters on the way, the dialogue crackles with life. Haruki Murakami meets Patricia Highsmith in this cool and elegant work.

The Wrecking Ball ~ Christiana Spens

With echoes of F Scott Fitzgerald, The Wrecking Ball defines the culture right now: Generation Z. Can there possibly be more to life than opulence and size zero?

The Wrecking Ball intimately follows four friends as their summer reaches a crescendo of music, heat and hedonism. Rich and degenerate, Alice, Harry, Rose and Hugo traverse the clubs and crevices of London, music festivals disturbing the English countryside, parties in Manhattan and break-downs in hotel rooms.

…A dazzling world of music, models and Moët; enough to attract and entrance the newest, freshest London beauties for a while. They are in pursuit of meaning but achieve no more than momentary vengeance on a dissipated reality overflowing with Wonderland-like dreamy cocktails. These delicate socialites and libertines float to the edge of their gilded youth and wonder whether they can stop in time.

A satirical glimpse into a world of excess and distress, The Wrecking Ball is an invitation into an intoxicating swirl of parties, trips and debauchery. As the jet-set crash and madness dominates the glaring summer, the dream of decadence becomes a nightmare of consequential decay. The Wrecking Ball is the low-down on the comedown of a generation: what happens when the party ends?

I have started Kicked Out today and think that it is going to be great!

Thank you Beautiful Books! 🙂



  1. These are the types of books I’m sure I’d love, particuarly the first and last.

    Thanks. =)

  2. Hello there Nic
    I was doing a search under my name to see if I had any more reviews (sad I know but it is my debut novel) and I came across this.
    I’m chuffed you picked my book and hope you enjoy it. It gets better and better in my opinion. Feel free to leave me any thoughts and thanks again

  3. Hi Richard,

    Firstly, I just want to say how brilliant your book is. I am notoriously slow at reading books yet I started yours yesterday and I am nearly half way though, I can’t put it down!

    I am hoping to start my journey towards becoming a Social Worker in September so your book is really interesting. It sounds as if you have had a very fulfilling career and I hope in four years time (gulp) when I have finished college and Uni, I too will be able to help children and families.

    I don’t blame you for googling your name, I would do the same if I had such a cracking book out!

    Thanks for leaving me a message, my review will be up as soon as I finish your book.


  4. Bless you.
    There’s nothing more important than people – that’s what I think. Sometimes my career has been fulfilling and sometimes I’ve felt useless – but I’ve still been there for people. And others remember that and know if you’re genuine. How come you got three books to choose then? Do you know someone at Beautiful Books?
    Take care and thanks for your comments – Richard

  5. Beautiful Books found me via my blog and sent me a message asking if I would be interested in reviewing their books; so I looked at their site and your book looked really interesting so I requested it and so glad I did too!


  6. Excellent, thats a result – free books!
    They’re a great bunch at Beautiful Books, hardworking and love their literature.
    Take care – Richard

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