Posted by: Nici | 5 June, 2010

Vampires Diaries

So, not content with being obsessed with all things Twilight, I now have an additional addiction – Vampire Diaries.

It started when I began to watch the TV series and developed a bit of a crush on Damon Salvatore 😉 . The longer the series has gone on, the more hooked I have become. I am now reading the books, starting with Volume 1 – (Books 1 & 2) The Awakening and The Struggle. I found the first book dragged a bit in the beginning, it was a bit slow to get going and I didn’t like the way the author portrayed Elena compared to the TV series. However, the more I read, the more I started to enjoy it. The second book was far better and by the time I finished it I was eager to start on Volume 2 – (Books 3 & 4) The Fury and The Reunion. The books haven’t disappointed me. I bought Volume 2 on Wednesday and am half way through Book 4 even though I have been very busy since then :).

Even though Elena’s character is totally different to her portrayal in the TV series, Damon and Stefan are pretty spot on. You can imagine their facial expressions and mannerisms and I think the actors to play these characters have been chosen well. The two vampire brothers are total opposites –

Stefan being the kind, animal blood drinking younger brother

with Damon being the sexy, dangerous older brother…

The similarities between Twilight and The Vampire Diaries are many, with the same high school setting and similarities between some of the characters, so if you liked Twilight, you are bound to like The Vampire Diaries.



  1. It’s Boone! LOL He was cute in Lost, but he looks rather sexy here!

  2. I know! He is just drop dead gorgeous in Vampire Diaries – you should watch it…. Tuesday ITV2 @9pm 😀

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