Posted by: Nici | 8 June, 2010


 Dreams are images in motion. These images are ideas and feelings that tell a private story. When you begin to investigate the amazing world of dreams, it is often difficult to know how to begin. Rarely is a meaning clear to us right away. Dreams have to be decoded to be understood in waking life. Also, we may not be ready to accept the dream’s messages. For example, a dream may suggest that we forgive someone, but in our waking life we are still feeling resentment. Linkie

I have decided to keep a dream diary. I have the most bizarre dreams and would like to start to understand them. The most common, reoccuring dream I seem to be having at the moment is that I am living in a towerblock in a small flat. Now although the flat is small, I quite like living there at there are restaurants and shops in the tower block! I also keep dreaming about being in a lift, sometimes the lift is very large with lots of people in it, sitting down as if it is a room, sometimes it’s small. The other night I dreamt that I had a big bunch of balloons which carried me down the road!

However, the night before last I dreamt that friends lived across the road to me and I ended up being in there longer than expected as my umbrealla had to dry and he said that it should be dry by 16.10, so realsing that I had left my front door open, I popped back home to shut it and heard music coming from my son’s room even though he wasn’t in so I called my friend across the road and he came over and we became trapped outside by the gate by several men who has been in my house. Two of them jumped over the fence and the rest came to us. The remainder of the dream is unclear…Goodness knows what they mean, but I intend to find out!

“Dreams are like stars…you may never touch them, but if you follow them they will lead you to your destiny.”



  1. You have been awarded The Versatile Blogger Award on my site, Kincavel Krosses. Please come and collect it. 🙂

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