101 things that make me happy

  1. Stroking my cat
  2. Hearing my son laugh
  3. Lots of pillows on my bed
  4. Listening to the rain on my windows when I am in bed
  5. Freshly washed sheets on my bed
  6. Curled up reading a good book
  7. Walking in the snow
  8. Walking in the countryside
  9. The taste of a fresh strawberry
  10. An unexpected letter
  11. Listening to birds singing
  12. Spending time with my family
  13. Having a lay in
  14. Listening to loud music
  15. Drinking tea
  16. The smell of freshly baked bread
  17. The smell of cut grass
  18. Shopping
  19. Having a pampering evening
  20. Going on my favourite website
  21. Spending time with friends
  22. Giving presents
  23. Recieving presents
  24. Watching my favourite TV programme/film
  25. Getting a head massage
  26. A sunny day
  27. A hot bath
  28. Hearing a baby laugh
  29. Surprises
  30. Seeing daffodils flower
  31. Summer evenings
  32. Seeing the stars on a clear night
  33. Cuddles
  34. Being in love (which i’m not lol)
  35. Seeing a rainbow
  36. Cuddling babies
  37. Babies/Toddlers laughing 🙂
  38. Sandwiches
  39. My mobile phone
  40. Having nice nails
  41. Completing an assignment
  42. Getting good grades in my assignments
  43. Losing weight 😉
  44. Hearing birds sing
  45. Seeing the first butterfly of the summer
  46. Vampire (LOL)
  47. Being creative
  48. Making others happy
  49. The prospect of getting an iPhone


  1. How can I only think of 26? *puts on thinking cap*

  2. This is great, Nici! I’ve decided to compile my own list, but I won’t post it until it’s done.

  3. What a great idea Nici I bet a lot of people will pick up on that I know I will.

  4. Hearing birds sing on a spring morning
    Seeing a tiny flower among rocks and weeds
    The smell of orange blossoms
    The sweetness of honeysuckle blooms on a summer evening

  5. 1thing make me happy feeling you are happy

    go ahead >>>good luck

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